Vision, Mission, and Values

Red Hook Dental’s organizational culture is defined by our vision (who we want to be), our mission (purpose) and our values (the principles by which we live). Everything we do should be guided by these three key elements of who we are. To this, we hold each other accountable.

Our Vision

Deliver a healthy smile to everyone throughout the Hudson Valley region.

Our Mission

We are the leader in wellness-centered dentistry in the Hudson Valley region, providing the highest quality, state-of-the-art dental care and personal attention to all our patients.

Our Values

Red hook dental values


Our goal is for your first visit to be one of comfort and acknowledgment of your personal dental needs.

Our Promise

We will take the required time to properly diagnose your immediate dental concerns, review your past medical and dental history, and create a treatment plan that provides for your optimal dental health. With your cooperation, we will complete a thorough comprehensive dental evaluation.